The Flame

What a fun couple of weeks watching the amazing young athletes from around the world go for Olympic gold. When you look beyond the parochial nationalism and media hype, you see the flame of desire, effort and aspiration burn bright in those athletes, beyond the sweat, blood, and tears of being in the arena.

Only a select few ever make it to that level of  physical performance, but many carry the flame. People in all countries, of all ages, of all abilities. An old friend (Thanks, Bear) provided a link via Facebook to a cool website called the Age of Happiness, where a Russian guy is featuring never-say-die TOJ's around the world.

My guess is that most of the people reading this blog (and definitely this TOJ) would be hard-pressed to physically accomplish what some of these old folks are able to do, like 86 year old, German gymnast Johanna Quaas. Look at her incredible grace and strength.

Wow! Feel the heat?

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