Draw Your Sword

Even for a TOJ, on some days its hard to put on those running shoes, or pick up that kettlebell, or get down on the floor for pushups. It's that streak of laziness and, sometimes, fear.You anticipate that discomfort, the burn of lactic acid, a sore muscle, even pain.

When you encounter that hesitancy, remember this great Zen story:

A samurai was about to go into battle. He could see in the gathering army across the valley that his side was vastly outnumbered and he would likely die.

On top of a nearby hill, he spotted a Zen monastery. He kicked his horse and sped up the hill. When he got to the gates, he asked to see the Master. A few minutes later, a stern looking old monk stood in front of him. The samurai bowed to him.

"Why do you come to me?" asked the Master, glancing at the assembling armies below.

"I must go into battle, but I have fear," answered the samurai. "What should I do?"

The Master nodded, then answered, "Draw your sword and ride to your death!"

With that, the samurai bowed in gratitude, mounted his horse, drew his sword, and galloped towards the battle line.

So don't think, just act. Tie your running shoes, grab the kettlebell, get down on the floor in pushup position.

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Anonymous said...


How about a write up--TOJ style--about Turkish Get Ups? Lace it with ancillary tid bits typical of the TOJ exercise profile.

I sprained my ankle and incurred a small evulsion fracture in June and just started back running about 3 weeks ago. I did TGUs to stay in shape along with swimming and running.

I had to put my "goal" triathlon races on the shelf but have been able to do two, sprint tris recently. Weekly running mileage only up to 10-12 miles per week; adding 10% each week. No running goals or races on the radar at this time. I am focusing on weight loss and getting healed, stronger.

Upside of the ankle injury is my bike is strong as ever. I recently rode up a local hill in the big ring for the first time ever. Had to use the granny gear everytime before, so, the biking legs are in shape.

Hope Oregon is suiting you well!