Greetings, exercise and wellness fans. TOJ is back, and the book about a year of working on wellness with my former co-workers a community health center in Colorado is finished. We'll release it as an eBook in late spring. You'll find it full of useful health and nutrition information along with stories of real people trekking the winding, upward path to wellness.

Watch this inspiring TED Talk by Charles Eugster. He's a 93 year old, serious athlete. You'll see this is not an oxymoron. He can do 50 push ups in 45 seconds. Wow! His insights on the state of our health and what to do about it are right on.You can read more about him here and discover some other amazing older people.

This TOJ is impressed not by Eugster's physical abilities, determination and message, but what an incredible example he is of our resilience. He's not a guy who worked out all his life. Quite the contrary, he encountered serious health issues, but instead of succumbing, his will to live life to the fullest kicked in and he turned his life into a truly remarkable story.

See? It's never to comeback to life!  Your body is ready, willing and able. Never forget.

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