The Food Fakers

As all TOJs know, one of the best things you can do for your fitness and long term health is eat more natural, whole foods, and eat less industrial, processed foods.

However, there are corporate armies trying to block your path by lobbying Congress for subsidies and deception on food labels. They use psychologists and chemical engineers, like the ones who work for a soulless corporation (Givauden) featured in this excellent segment that appeared on CBS 60 Minutes, to lure you into what resembles a chemical dependency, like a drug addict. What is so remarkable, as you'll see in this video, is they are shameless about what they are trying to do.

These people seem nice enough, but if you listen carefully to what they are saying, it's obvious your health is not their top priority. It's not just the problem that many artificial flavors are simply unnatural chemicals which have no business being introduced into your body, or that few credible studies exist as to the damaging long term effects of insulting your gut with them.

What is most insidious is that they use their engineering to fool your senses into putting something into your system that you would find tasteless or repellent without it. Their flavors make adulterated foods taste like something real and nutritious. They turn processed gunk into flavorful chicken nuggets and sugar water into "fruit" juice.

Humans co-evolved with food. Our senses and brains are hard-wired to seek certain smells and tastes and avoid others. Millions of years of evolution taught us what tastes bad might be bad, i.e., poisonous, or dangerous. It's no wonder the illusionists in the video use real fruits, rich in flavor and nutrients, to disguise empty calorie foods with no nutrient value whatsoever, like soda pop.

Ironically, the segment was sponsored by Lipitor, often prescribed to people who no doubt have diabetes and cardiovascular disease caused by eating  bottled, canned, and packaged fake foods disguised with their memorable flavors. A sick win-win.

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