Running, Shakespeare, and Zen

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Donald Moore said...

"Willie: put down your quill and let's go for a run and let's sweat a little...if he had done that I bet he would have written haiku...."

TOJ: that is fantastic commentary. I don't know where to begin to respond.

First, I think we are kindred spirit. I am glad to hear that there is someone else out there who thinks about this shit on runs; although I don't know Shakespeare. I usually ruminate over AC/DC, John Mellancamp or Leann Womack.

Second, 'haiku' rocks. Get it said in 5-7-5! In fact, I have a very close friend--the gent that got me into running and tris--and we text haiku to update each other.

Third, runners high. Not sure I have experienced it. I have had several moments running where I felt like a 'million bucks' and thought I could run forever. Not sure I have reached euphoria. I think a lot about my wife and daughters when I run. Mostly I think "Am I living a life they can admire?" That's important to me. Sometimes I think about forgiving my mom, which I have been unable to do since I was 16. I don't know if I will do it but if I do I bet the decision will be made on a great run. Other times I think about a pastor with whom I built a new church in Pueblo West; she died of cancer before her time in between the day we broke ground and opened up to serve the community.

Fourth, I'm thinking about how poetry--Willie's medium--is like having a great race or workout. Quatrains, stanzas, etc. That's how I break up races. Half marathon...that's two, five milers and a 5K. A 10K? Miles 1-2, warm up, 3-5 find a comfortably hard pace, mile 1.2, suffer. A triathlon: that's free verse. Swim, bike and run as hard as you can without running our of fuel or focus...cross the finish line on vapors.

TOJ gets it!